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While I wish I could present you a video of him knocking me out or sworn testimony from the witnesses, all of that will be reserved for the trial phase. What I can offer up at this time is evidence that I was originally going to present once he had made claims, which I could then directly refute, to further show his guilt. However, I've used the services of his attorney, Adam Sabrin, myself in the past while setting up the base contract for my LLC and he's no slouch. I'm happy to share the things that I know Adam is too clever to attempt.

I recommend reading the full story pages prior to reviewing this, as this page will make no attempt to establish proper timelines or identify the characters involved at this time. Additionally, some screenshots have various expletives involved. I do apologize for my vulgar language in expressing myself, however I was of course operating under absurdly stressed circumstances.

The Ginger Man

Let's tackle a statement in a news article that didn't even come from Diego's team and actually does spell a bit of trouble for us:
"The Express-News could not find an incident report filed by anybody at The Ginger Man bar, and general manager Kelsey Mack, who’s worked there for five years, said she does not remember the incident and that the space is small enough that employees and customers would have noticed an assault."

I recall the bouncer specifically asking if I needed police or medical attention and Cassie's friend Alex advised that we did not. Keep in mind that at this time I was focusing on sitting down without falling over and I was clutching my head. The fact that they didn't fill out an incident report now shows negligence on their part, which means they will be only as much of an ally to the truth as we now force them to be. With that in mind, I present you my request for them to gather evidence following the assault and their subsequent reply. (read bottom message first, click to enlarge)

My conviction and detail-heavy approach in my request to The Ginger Man is something that should have alerted them to something serious that took place and demanded an Incident Report be created. I do recall the bartender telling me that the GM would not be available for several days, which is why I was given an e-mail and my reply was from a Marketing Manager instead of the GM. It's very disappointing that the GM would give an off-the-cuff response that is inaccurate as opposed to checking with corporate and verifying these plainly available paper trails. I would remind them that it's not outside the realm of possibility that financial reports are pulled to confirm everyone who patronized The Ginger Man and was there until after the assault ended. I recall at least two people had their cell phones out to record the tail end of the confrontation and I pray that if we reach out to them they still have their own testimony and camera angle of what occurred.


She additionally extrapolates that it's impossible for an assault to happen in the bar without them noticing. She is again thinking of a standard bar brawl with posturing, yelling, and furniture being knocked over. Diego hit me once, I was unconscious, then the only sound effect to notice is of my head hitting the glass, which I'm sure was overpowered by the music. When Diego yelled, he wasn't yelling to get attention, as he was yelling directly into my face for the purpose of intimidation. Separately, assaults of various sorts happen every day and even the classiest bars can miss them. I'm especially alarmed because I sponsor a non-profit where we train bartenders and wait staff to identify harassing or threatening behaviors and intervene. She presents the same arrogant view of what takes place within her doors that we work to defeat in bars nationwide.

Lastly, I acted with great urgency in getting the Dallas detective to contact the restaurant for footage and the written statements. This was prior to the warrant getting issued. If he had reached out to them and they confirmed that nothing was on their cameras and that no one had seen anything, it's hard to believe the warrant ever would have gotten issued. If the warrant was as baseless as this manager insinuates, then why would Diego run from it for almost two full years, actually having an active warrant on him three separate times, before deciding to face it?

Cassie's Texts

I almost hate to do this to her because I shudder to imagine what Diego will do when he reads this, but Cassie's texts are more than enough to confirm that an incident did take place that even Diego's sous chef agrees reached criminal levels.

So there's a lot to deconstruct all in this one screen shot. Let's focus on Cassie talking about how she almost got fired and arrested. The context I extrapolated from this is that he blamed Cassie for what happened despite it being his own actions that got him in trouble. I can't imagine what story they'll present where Cassie was almost fired for what transpired, but I do think it will prevent a lot of their defensive strategies from being able to hold any weight. The fact that she was worried about getting arrested of course means her side was some sort of an aggressor.

I'll share one final text where Cassie all but apologizes for the assault, while admitting that she is now a witness that's under great duress by Diego.

That's an exceptionally painful text to post, but I stand by my own words in it. At the time she was truly the little sister I never had and I did my best to look out for her. I admit that I failed miserably in that regard.

For those curious, the costume was a Halloween costume I had ordered that was custom made for her measurements. She was a huge fan of Where The Wild Things Are so she was going to be Max and I was going to be one of the heavily costumed wild things. She did end up wearing that costume around town for Halloween, which I think further shows that she had no ill will directly towards me as a result of the night's actions. I bring this up because others have said their initial defense will be that I assaulted Cassie and that Diego was the hero coming to her rescue. I sincerely doubt that Sabrin is desperate enough to go with that type of strategy, so I don't mind releasing evidence that would defend against it ahead of time.

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