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6. Going Forward

Now I know you've got to be thinking, what on earth is a website supposed to accomplish when the only thing that matters is the justice system? Well, that would indeed work if the criminal justice system operated at all like we were promised it did.

He has been offered an amazingly, perhaps disgustingly, generous plea deal. He can either spend 30 days in jail or spend a year on probation. I can assure you that the Dallas prosecutor knows full well the extent of my injuries and the ongoing impact it has had on my life. They've seen the CAT scan and the MRI and the therapy bills. I flatly asked the prosecutor that, if Diego had beaten me to the point that I could no longer remember my mother's name, would it still be considered a misdemeanor? They confirmed that, yes, Dallas simply does not recognize brain damage as a legal injury. Had the glass of the window broken and I had cuts that would've healed in a month, that likely would've been a felony. Had he produced a small knife and sliced at my forearm, that would've been a felony. Had he taken hold of the same pane of glass and slammed it over the back of my head to cause the exact same injuries to me, that would've been a felony. He has found himself in this legal sweet spot where he's a first time offender who seriously injured me in an exact way that the Dallas justice system does not care about.

My purpose here is additionally motivated by the amount of time that has passed since the incident. Since it was processed as a misdemeanor, he was allowed to roam free the entire time. I tried contacting local PDs in various cities to have him brought in, but no one lifts a finger to take in a misdemeanor. It wasn't until he had what I assume was a separate police interaction in June of 2017 that he was finally arrested for his long outstanding warrant. Since then, he has missed court date after court date, knowing that he has a lawyer that costs enough that they can work the system and provide an excuse each time to have his court date rescheduled. It's my assumption here that their hope is for all of the eye witness and video evidence from the bar to get lost in the interim. A basic tactic which I've allowed to work for too long prior to coming forward.

The Mixtli crew has been working to diminish my reputation around town. There are some within San Antonio that will no longer make eye contact with me because they have heard the Mixtli side of the story, which I imagine to be light on evidence and heavy on liberal interpretations of the events. One of the most painful parts of this has been dealing with Cassie after the incident. When she called me the night of the incident, she was extremely apologetic that I had been injured as a part of her "toxic" life. The very next day she suddenly hated me. I couldn't figure out exactly why until I was told that her phone was mysteriously smashed overnight and she wouldn't tell anyone how it broke. My fears were confirmed when someone told me that Diego had paid cash to have her phone repaired. Following that, she told me that she never wanted to speak to me again and that this was all my fault because I allegedly grabbed her. To have a false accusation like that broke my heart, but to know that she may be spreading this story around town alarms me even more. I welcome her to present her side of events in court so that we can let the witness statements and video evidence that I requested immediately after the incident confirm who was correct.

Part of the plan here that I can openly talk about is that Diego will now be forced to publicly defend himself. He's going to mouth off like he always does. Most of what he says will be false like it always is. If you're wondering why this website is light on hard evidence, it's because I'll be using most of it against him to prove additional defamation and possibly perjury charges, which will carry a harsher penalty than the actual assault, depending on the venue within which he makes the statement. If you hear or see him do anything that sounds applicable, please feel free to join the entire culinary industry that relays his actions to me in hopes of it being useful against him in court.

I thank you for your time in listening to my story and reviewing what I feel I'm allowed to share that won't further endanger the verdict in the trial. I hope everyone can understand that I've only taken this normally unreasonable ​measure because I've been faced with a truly unreasonable circumstance. It has been almost two years since I was assaulted in a room full of cameras and witnesses, yet justice feels no closer than the time I stumbled home through a night that seemed so endless.

But I do hope that we can put an end to all of this together.

Pictured: Alex Valdez (left), Diego Galicia (right)

While this story will remain largely unchanged, I will continue to add information to the Evidence, Your Stories, and Threats pages as it becomes required or as more people step forward with their own stories of incidents with Diego.

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