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Welcome to Texas v Galicia, a site I've created to tell the story of the dark side of an award winning chef that few people outside of the San Antonio culinary industry know. In October of 2016, I witnessed Diego cheat on his wife with one of his employees. Though I made no threats against him to reveal this, his solution to ensure my silence was to sucker punch me at a pub and slam my head into a window repeatedly until I was left with life-altering brain damage. When I awoke, he was standing over me threatening to murder me if I ever spoke to his mistress again before he ran from the bar as security and onlookers gathered. Within these pages, I'll walk you through the events of that night, my ongoing recovery, and my subsequent attempts to bring him to justice after multiple warrants and court appointments that he has thus far refused to show up for. It is my sincere hope that this will force him to face the court system so that justice can prevail.

To begin, please visit the page entitled An Introduction to become acquainted with the folks involved in this story.

I'll maintain a general status tracker here to the best of my ability, focusing on the four main follow-up points that will be impacted by this case:

Diego's Marriage - His wife filed for divorce on June 4th, 2018, shortly after he was served one of the warrants in this case. The final divorce decree occurred one year and four months later, on October 4, 2019.

-For additional information, visit and search for Galicia, Diego

Mezcaleria Mixtli - Evicted due to failure to pay rent.


Restaurant Mixtli - Operational.


Criminal Case - Diego has pled No Contest to the assault.

-For additional information, visit and type in M1671678

For questions or to submit additional information, please reach out to me or use the contact form below.

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